Иберотранс ООД
Iberotrans LTD
Транспорт и логистика | Transport and logistics
Иберотранс ООД
Iberotrans LTD



IBEROTRANS LTD. has many years of experience in the execution of its orders. We offer an optimal offer at the best price, committing to the shortest delivery times. We are guided by clear company principles in order to fully satisfy our customers. We provide you with complete solutions for the transport of your goods for import and export to all of Europe.



The spedition of the company covers domestic and international transport. Our carriers transport goods to established destinations and are prepared for their specific features.
We have an individual approach to each client. We offer transport services that create optimal conditions for the development of your business. We guarantee you complex solutions for all transport and warehousing of the goods.



IBEROTRANS LTD. offers transport to all settlements in Bulgaria. The used vehicles have different load capacity and equipment meeting all technical requirements.



Our company works with various Bulgarian and foreign partners, proven over time. This provides us with the opportunity to offer our customers all transport and logistics services with the highest quality at competitive prices and fixed deadlines. Our goal is continuous optimization of logistics processes, thus reducing costs and time to fulfill orders from customers and ensuring the quality of our services.